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Isn't it all about the frame?

And protecting our EYES!

Buy a complete set of glasses and get 30% off of lenses on the 2nd Pair

Summertime is here, and since we have a special buy 1 get 1 at 50% off, wouldn't it be smart to get prescriptions sunglasses for your 2nd pair!  Let's start protecting our eyes!

Blue light Special
for Single vision lenses

What is Blue Block Ultra Clear AR?
1. Reduce glare with up to 20% blocked blue light
2. State of the art Quartz coating for long lasting, crystal clear vision.
3. Blue light emitted from electronic display and LED lights are blocked to protects the eyes.
4. Delivers sharp vision by preventing contrast reduction.


Super Single Vision Lens Package

Phoenix Trivex lenses 

Plus Recharge Anti Reflective  


Patient Benefits with these lenses

No Scratches, No Glare, Easy to Clean,

Protection from Blue Light, (Computers, Tablets,Cell Phones, and TV) Fatigue Reduction, and a 2 Year Warranty!!

Insurance doesn't apply with this offer

Come on in anytime  appointments are not necessary for purchasing glasses

Most single vision scripts are made in our IN HOUSE LAB.