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The Vision Center of Delaware delivers EXTREME CARE, and are wonderful to work with as a team and staff of vision professionals.

-Mark M.

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to providing you quality eye care in a warm and friendly   environment.


Our family has been going to Dr. Farrall for years and have always been pleased with the excellent care we have received.  She is thorough and dedicated to each patient. She takes her time with you, let's you ask questions and really cares about making sure you understand.  Her bedside manner is relaxed and caring... excellent for anyone with anxiety about going to the doctor.

-Joyce H.

If you have a color deficiency, stop into the office today to test out the Enchroma glasses! You can use our link on the right to test out which type of color deficiency that you have. Remember to write down you results.

There are a few important things that we always like to tell our patients before testing out the glasses

  • They do not work for everyone, keep your expectations low
  • It takes at the very least, about 30 minutes for your eyes to adapt, if they are going to
  • You can get the glasses with or without prescription
  • Enchroma does have their own frame styles, but you can get the lenses put into pretty much any frame

We offer a few different options when testing out the eyewear:

  • Sitting in the office for 30 minutes
  • Taking them out of the office for a couple of hours to test
  • Taking them home for a week to try

If glasses are leaving the office, we will keep your credit card on file and a contract must be signed stating the agreed upon return date. If the glasses are not returned by that date, the card will be charges in amount of $279 (the retail cost of the Enchroma Fitovers.)

Ask about the NEW Enchroma Glasses for Low Vision!
(macular degeneration, glaucoma, migraines, traumatic brain injuries)